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VDOT is open for all business. It has established an outreach plan to ensure equal contracting opportunities for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and Small Women and Minority owned (SWAM) businesses.

Virginia Megaprojects

Megaprojects are a group of large-scale construction projects in Northern Virginia that are taking place over the course of several years. Together, their purpose is to improve multiple modes of transportation and ridesharing, and to create a new highway network for carpools and buses called Express Lanes, or High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes. Click here for more information.

Contract Opportunities

Areas for potential construction contract opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Highway bridge construction
  • Earthwork and drainage
  • Highway construction, paving and striping
  • Traffic control
  • Demolition, hauling and disposal services
  • Mechanical contracting
  • Water, sewer and utility lines
  • Retaining walls, noise barriers and landscaping
  • Signage and lighting
  • Fencing
  • Curb and sidewalk
  • Construction related support and more

Areas for potential supportive service opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Reprographics
  • Office supply
  • Cleaning & janitorial service
  • Administrative staffing services
  • Lunch wagon
  • Catering service (office meetings)
  • IT software & support service
  • Courier service
  • Copier service
  • Marketing & communications services
  • Security (office & worksite)

Many contract opportunities will be available over the next few years in many different contract sizes. This information will be available on the following web sites:

DBE-SWAM Outreach Program

Procedures have been developed to maximize construction contracting and supply opportunities for the many businesses throughout our region.

The DBE Program is administered pursuant to U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, 49 CRF Part 26. The SWAM certification program is administered by the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (“DMBE”) and is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s effort to help small, women- and minority-owned businesses with doing business with state government entities.

Firms interested in participating in the DBE/SWAM Program should become certified as a DBE and/or a SWAM vendor in the Commonwealth of Virginia and pre-qualified in your respective areas of work.

Civil Rights Program

The DBE and SWAM Program fulfillment is managed by the General Engineering Consultant (GEC) for the Virginia Megaprojects through its Civil Rights Program Office. The Civil Rights Program staff is committed to full support of each of the Megaprojects Prime Contractors as they involve DBE and SWaM companies in their construction and supportive service contracts.

Thie Civil Rights Program office is supported by:

A Community Resource Board (CRB), which is comprised of individuals representing organizations and associations throughout Northern Virginia and the Washington Metropolitan Area. The primary objectives are: to provide support and assistance to the GEC, including community outreach; to assist with the recruiting of businesses and employees; and to disseminate information on contract opportunities to DBE and SWaM vendors. The CRB also assists with the identification and coordination of available resources for training, counseling and support services.

Contacts and Certifying Agencies

Carolyn Wolcott
Civil Rights Program Manager
(703) 586-3238 – mobile

Virginia Department of Transportation
Northern Virginia District
Civil Rights Division
4975 Alliance Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 383-VDOT phone

Certifying Agencies:

The Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise
1111 East Main Street, Suite 300
Richmond, VA 23219
toll free VA only 800-223-0671

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
1 Aviation Circle
Washington, DC 20001